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As we all know when we have ideas we don’t categorise them and they can become lost. Mindin.me gives you the opportunity to input your data directly into a spreadsheet and then to categorises it at your leisure.

It allows you to easily make note of your to do lists, ideas, tasks, contacts, web links and keep track on them.

You can control all your ideas, tasks and feelings.

You can label most of the important subjects and follow through with them.

You can reach the website from anywhere and at anytime.

It is ideal for personal and business use.

Quick and easy.


What is in your mind? Just write it down.

You can make a note of anything you want, your details,
information, contacts, web links and data base.

You can search your old data using key words.


When you choose your application status only write it down and save it. It is as simple as that.

To edit or send your data or to enter more information or share with your friends, you only need to use the list section.


You can see the entirety of your data using filters.

You can set daily or weekly filters for labels, data and applications. When you save the changes you can click the settings and it is done.

Set up functions and applications for personal and business data

The ability to save what you want - notes, to do lists, contacts, web links….

The ability to search the entire database.

The ability to insert new data, label it and use it.

You can define the search criteria.

The ability to change settings and save details.

The ability to set reminders for all notes.

The ability to send an email to your contacts.

You can flag important messages as favorites for faster search options.

The ability to choose previous data and label or edit it.


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